Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency trading ecosystem

 Multi Trading
 Blockchain network
 Bot Development

What is VectorX

Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem


 Easy Management

VectorX integrates the complex UI of various exchanges and makes it easy to manage crypto-currency assets stable by its own automated system.


 Bot Custumizing

Using VectorX's API, simulator, and testing environment, users can develop their own algorithms (Bot, AI) that generate a profit on trading. Users can also distribute and share developed algorithms. If other users generate profits from their algorithms, they may receive a certain amount of compensation.



Users not only are able to promote self-developed algorithms but share the latest cryptography information and their own investment strategies on the VectorX platform. You will receive rewards based on your subscription to the information.

Technical Data

5 Elements of VectorX



VectorX provides a single place where user's crypto-currency asset portfolio that scattered by exchange. This allows you to support redistribution of assets and identify and select the appropriate investment strategy.



VectorX provides real-time crypto market data and links subscribed information with an asset management platform to help investors make decisions. It enables you to trade crypto assets all at once which are traded at different exchanges. Which calls One-click function.



Create a grading system by users who provide crypto asset information through bulletin board and people who evaluate them. Reliability of shared algorithm will be verified by profit-proven system.


 Blockchain Network

Combines all functions by using the blockchain technology to form a single platform. Ensure confidence in the occurrence and demonstration of transactions across all platforms. Our goal is to realize crypto asset trading transaction speed as fast as the existing exchanges, so that all transactions can be recorded.


 Bot Development

Modular metrics and algorithm development environments increase developer productivity. Check the adaptation of the developed algorithm through an ‘Out of Sample' test environment that reflects the actual data. The revenue-generating compensation system encourages developers to continue to contribute to the ecosystem.


VectorX Development team

CholYi Lee

CoFounder & CEO

CEO of Bitors


CEO - 바이터그룹 (주)
CEO - BITORS (싱가폴 현지 법인)
청년취업아카데미운영위원 - 중앙정보처리기술인재개발원
- 한국 대표 - Finastra (전 Misys, 글로벌 금융솔루션 1위 업체)
- Korea Manager - Thomson Reuters (글로벌 1위 뉴스/금융데이터 솔루션 업체)
- 외환/금융 파생상품 Trading & Risk Management Solution - Reuters

Tham Soonkit

CoFounder & Director

VP, Senior Risk Officer


- MISYS Risk | 迈盛环球风险管理
- OCBC Bank Group | 华侨银行
- Moody's Analytics | 穆迪 

ChangHwan Son


Smart Contract Engineer
Software Engineer


- 컴퓨터공학 박사과정 (휴학)
- 컴퓨터공학 석사학위 (MS)
- 멀티코어 병렬 프로그래밍, 시큐어코딩 연구 

JunHyeok Lee


Front-End & Web Developer


- ICO 홈페이지 개발

Ryan Lee


Singapore Branch


VectorX Advisor Group

JungWoo Kim

Chief of IT Security

Mirae Asset Daewoo


- Founding member, Mirae Asset Securities
- Head of IT Division, Mirae Asset Daewoo
- Chief Information Security Officer(CISO), Mirae Asset Securities
- Vice Chairman, CISO Securities Council

JaeYong Ko

Financial Specialist


- Director, Golden Bridge Investment & Securities
- Representor of Enterprise Solution, Bloomberg L.P. Korea
- Specialist of Trading solution, Thomson Reuters
- Law, Korea University

JongSoo Kim


Deputy Director of Market
Oversight Commission 


- KOSPI Market Division, Korea Stock Exchange(KRX)
- Derivatives Market Division , Korea Stock Exchange(KRX)
- MA, Finance Management, Sogang University

Jun Lee

SGX Director

Singapore Stock


- Oversea Investment Department, Korea Investment & securities
- Global Derivative Sales Department, Shinhan Investment
- IT team of International Sales, Samsung Futures
- IT team, HSBC, Korea
- MA, HongIk University

ChungMo Kang




- Member of Investment Club
- Member of Asia Finance Club
- Deputy Director of A.I., NH Investment & Securities
- Operation Manager of FICC, Hana Financial Investment
- Senior Trader of A.I. Team, Woori Investment & Securities
- Team Leader of Macro/Equity, Daishin Securities

Daniel Sohn

UN ITU Standard Editor

SCE Co. Editor
UN ITU-T IoT Accessibility


- Member, Korean Broadcasting Communication Standards Expert Committee
- Advisory Board on Accessibility, Korea Association of the Blind
- Advisory Board on Accessibility, Korean Disabled People Rehabilitation Association
- Technical Advisor of Mobile Accessibility, Ministry of Science and ICT

Christina Park


Angel Investor


- MBA, SanJose State University, California, USA
- Accounting Team Manager, Korean Airline
- Investing many start-up companies in USA and Asia


Technical Specialist



- Platinum Techincal Consultant - MISYS
- Subject-matter expert on technology across Treasury Capital Market, Risk and Lending solutions.
- cloud computing, big data analytics and Blockchain.
- Chartered IT Professional
- Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from King's College London.

Dennis Khng

Communication Developer


- Marketing Manager in Wolters Kluwer
- Reporter

Vixton Brown

CEO & Writer

Digital Currency Asia


- Writer, Cryptocurrency Investment 
- Operation Manager, Coin Media
- Director Korean Slow Reading Institute
- Leader, Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration 
- Operation Manager, eX mining center

HanSu Kim




- Director, Korea Personal Accelerator Association
- Director/Advisor, LG CNS 
- Advisor, Digital Foundation of Seoul
- Auditor, Korean Business Association
- Director, Korean Multimedia Society
- Registered Director, Nanum Lotto
- MA, Yonsei University
- Advanced Management Program, Seoul National University

TaeWook Seo


Ventures Co., Ltd.


- Reporter, Market Oversight Commission(IB Team), Maeil Business News Paper 
- Advisor, CHECK Platform, KOSCOM

Jinho Park

Professor, Software

Soongsil Universty


- Professor, Software Engineering, Soongsil University
- Managing Director, SW Convergence Center, SW Education Research Center, Soongsil University
- Co-representative, Secretary General of the KSWICT
- Director of the Korea Society of Information Technology Policy 
& Management
- Vice Chairman of the SW Safety Forum of the 4th Industrial Revolution of the National Assembly

Youngjin Yoon

Assistant Professor at NTU


- Editor, Sobilife
- Team Leader of Ad Planning, Daehong Communications
- Brand Management, Graduate School of Business, Korea University
- Marketing and Brand Management, Graduate School of Business, British Columbia University, Canada
- Bachelor of Industrial Psychology, Sungkyunkwan University
- Public Relations Advisor, Korean Intellectual Property Office
- Human Resources, SKC

Changho Lee

CEO, Contents Ocean


Member of the Korea Institute of Finance (Korea Finance Research Center)
Advisor, Future Consensus Institute (Yeosijae)
- Senior Reporter, Reuters
- Reporter, Hankyong News Paper
- Manager, Financial Supervisory Service
- Chairman of the Seoul Foreign Correspondent's Club (SFCC)
- Judge of Transportation Broadcasting Transportation Culture Award
- Special Advisor to the Press, 2018 6.13 Local election Park, Won-soon Seoul mayor Camp Campaign
- Business Administration, Seoul National University


The Way of VectorX

2018. Q1

VectorX Platform Design


Whitepaper v1.0 release
VectorX Bot Beta


Whitepaper v2.0 release
VectorX Bot ver 1.0
Blockchain EXPO Korea 


VectorX Multi Trading ver 1.0
Singapore Fintech

2019. Q1 ~ Q2

VectorX Info Sharing ver 1.0
VectorX Asset Manager ver 1.0

Q3 ~ Q4

VectorX ECO Platform ver 1.0
VectorX Bot IDE & Simulator
Test Net Launching


Main Net Launching
DAPP Services Integration
Eco System Launching


VectorX News
No Content Hit Date
231312 컨텐츠 입니다 321312 18.09.24


Around of VectorX



Milestone Ventures is an investment banking and consulting institution that provides direct investment in promising small and midsize enterprises and services for consulting overseas listing. In Korea, it is the only Korean company to partner with the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and act as a bridge between Korean companies and the Singaporean capital market. Milestone Ventures is mainly investing in IoT, IT, digital contents, beauty, healthcare and F&B sectors, and are helping these companies expand into Southeast Asian markets.



T'unicorn provides business development advisory service for start-up and joint business opportunity with global company in B2B area. Business development advisory service for start-up: most of startup suffers from lack of B2B business development and global sales development. T'unicorn provides strategic business development by aligning with global company. Global exit advisory service: T'unicorn develops global exit strategy for start-up and provides execution advisory service by IPO or M&A



CoinReaders operates a magazine for cryptocurrency and blockchain. It has partnerships with Korbot, Fintech specialist, and CTIA, Japanese cryptocurrency consulting firm, and it affiliates with crypto exchanges: CoinZest and Coinbin. In addition, it is marketing agency of Bezant foundation, coin wallet service Coin Vault, Chinese crypto exchange, and Naver café CoinMaster.



The mission of the Association is to assist the Thai economy by "creating 1 million successful businesses with e commerce" ,to provide economic propulsion as well as support the entrepreneur and public citizens to obtain  access to commercial opportunities through e commerce by using the best complete platform in todays digital world.



DCA(Digital Currency Asia) is an investment company that helps to promote VectorX project marketing.


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